Integrated Consulting Services

Our goal is to empower stakeholders by providing them with the necessary tools to set baselines, develop scenarios, create decision aids, predict outcomes, establish governance evidence-based finance, and promote the health of oceans, coasts, economies, and overall well-being. We do this by bringing our network of high-level international experts and engaging regional and local communities of practice to help realize value, developing capacity sustainable outcomes.

Our Platform & Process

Our Area Based Platform and Standard

EcoCube™, BlueCube™, GreenCube™, DualCube™, OrangeCube™

Are supported by IoT Arrays & Testing & Data Science, Blockchain Technologies

We coordinate the following services

Marine Industry Expertise

Marine Spatial Planning

Ports and Shipping

Seafood and Aquaculture

Offshore Alternative Energy Wind, Solar, Tidal

Travel & Tourism

Climate Mitigation Strategies and Scenario Development

Ocean & Coastal Nature-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal

Waste Management and Pollution Control

Conservation and Regeneration

Blue Carbon & Nature-Based Solutions

Coastal Adaptation and Resilience

Carbon Markets, Registry, and Standards for Carbon Credits

Measuring Reporting and Validation MRV & Remote Sensing and Surveillance

International Policy Climate, Biodiversity, Gender, and Capacity Building

Marine Protect Areas MPA and Other effective area-based conservation measures’ OECM

Finance & Investment

Development Finance

Financial Inclusion, Crowd Funding, Micro Finance & Entrepreneurship

Impact Investment

Investment, Finance, and Securitization

Who do we work with and serve

National Governments and Sub National Governments

Tribal Governance

Private Sector