How do you measure nature and its value intrinsically? What do we use and value in relation to our economies? We have to find out the baseline of natural capital in the ecosystem area.
We call nature the measurement of a cubic area of it, the EcoCube. Our economy is just a portion of this EcoCube. Suppose we consider the whole world; our economies must fit with nature and support our co-evolved species. The EcoCube is a streamlined model of an area’s ecosystem to help us do this.

An EcoCube is only the countries’ or communities’ natural assets,  while the BlueCube and GreenCube are the human economy items. When combined, the use of natural resources should be restored.

There will be some trade-offs around nonrenewables from mining and drilling. But this is the essence of the concept. The EcoCube defines the things that support human and other species’ life that can be called natural capital. The human economy uses the flow of that capital for human purposes which are called ecosystem services.

So if an EcoCube is restored, the restored ecosystem services can give the most back to its economy and transform it into either Blue and/or Green Economy (the BlueCube or the GreenCube).